Hip pouch with turquoise inlay
body pouch with flower of life beadingSingle saddle bag with turquoise inlayLotus beadingSingle hip pouchShoulder bag with ocean jasper inlaydouble pocket hip pouch with mandala

Leather Bags

Single hip pouch

Single hip pouch

Worn like a belt, keep your valuables close and safe(with or without beading)

R500 plain

Double hip pouch

Holster style saddle bags provide space for extra cargo (with or without beading)

R800 plain

Shoulder bagShoulder Bag

A stylish carry all for books, purse, keys etc with inner zipped compartment (with or without beading)

R900 plain


Body pouchbody pouch with flower of life beading

A body hugging essentials carrier(with or without beads)

R450 plain

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