High Boot Velcro Pullon
Pull on boot with thick strip and mandala beadingVelcro pull on thin stripladies velcro pull onVelcro pull on mandala and strip beadingVelcro strap pull onVelcro strap pull on (full grain)Velcro pull on green and blueMens velcro pull on boot with green Celtic inlaytasseled velcrored velcrovelcro with folvelcro with mandala 2Velcro with mandalaFull Grain Burgundy velcro boot with tri scale inlay

Pull On Leather Boots with Velcro Straps

Genuine leather boot with real wool or genuine leather lining right through.Easy pull on and off with velcro straps to secure heel. Available with or without decoration. Add extra length for R250 per 5cm, add a cut out, have fun designing!


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